Monday, February 27, 2012

Houston, TX: Horror as 'crazed father kills daughter, 12, and leaves wife and 14-year-old fighting for life before turning gun on himself'

A domestic dispute turned deadly when a crazed husband shot his wife and two daughters at home before turning the gun on himself, police said.
The mother called 911 in Houston, Texas, on Sunday after being shot by husband Sardar Shaikh, 43, police said, over an alleged financial dispute.
Mr Shaikh and his daughter Jacqueline Shaikh, 12, were dead when police came, but the wife and daughter Vivian Shaikh, 14, were taken to hospital.

He lost a job and everything,’ neighbour Harold Portillo said, suggesting the man was under financial strain. ‘So he was behind two months’ rent.’
The mother, Maria Isabel Groena, 43, was left paralysed while Vivian survived a gunshot wound to the neck but both remain in critical condition.

While doctors fight to keep the pair alive at the Ben Taub General Hospital in Houston, police are struggling to find an explanation to the shooting.
The progress of investigators is being held back because they haven’t been able to contact any next of kin or family members, police said.

Witnesses who we've talked to at the scene are not saying anything (that) indicates there was something that precipitated this,’ a police spokesman said.
One report suggested that Mr Shaikh was under great financial strain, and was recently fired from his job.
While there were no prior domestic disturbance reports to the address, some give hints to problems at home.
‘I knew they had problems, but not that bad,’ local store owner Adam Dalami said. ‘Beautiful family, nice family. It never seemed that bad.’

An eyewitness saw Mr Shaikh fall after he shot himself outside of the apartment complex, and she rushed up to perform CPR.
‘It was just, I think a natural reaction, I work at a hospital,’ medical assistant Jaculynn Jackson said.
‘I saw him collapse. I ran over to give him CPR and he was lying on top of the gun. They were saying he shot himself in the head.’

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