Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cody, WY: Cody man held in wife's killing had history of domestic abuse

CODY -- A man suspected of killing his wife and running from police had prior tangles with the law, including an incident last summer in which he broke into his wife's home and disconnected her emergency telephone call to police.
Myron Friday, 28, was booked again Monday evening, this time on suspicion that he killed his 34-year-old wife, Julie Friday, in her home at 208 33rd St. on Sunday night.
After a manhunt and a tip, Cody police officers located Friday and took him into custody at the home of Rocky R. Raile.
Court records state that Raile, who resides at 239 C St., was charged in 2008 for selling liquor to a minor. In 2011, he was arrested for possession of marijuana. His case remains open in district court.
Friday's relationship with Raile is unknown and police have not released any other details regarding Friday's arrest or the crime he is accused of committing. His preliminary hearing in Cody Circuit Court is set for 9 a.m. Thursday.
Circuit court records show seven cases involving Friday dating back to September 2006, when he was arrested for battery of a household member -- his third offense in 10 years.
The most recent domestic incident occurred in July, when Friday was arrested for breaking down the door at his wife's home and disconnecting her phone as she called police for help.
He also broke her cell phone, court records state, and he tried to flee when police arrived.
Friday told arresting officers that he'd gone to his wife's house that day to "talk and hang out." Court records state that Julie Friday didn't want him there, and when she didn't answer the door, he broke it open.
"[Myron] Friday stated [Julie Friday] did not want him there and [she] did call 911 when he was trying to talk to her," the court affidavit reads. "[Myron] Friday was obviously very intoxicated and was very short with his answers.
"[Myron] Friday also was very evasive about his answers, specifically when asked if the incident was ever physical, or [if] he had interfered with the 911 call."
After Friday's arrest, circuit court Judge Bruce Waters issued an order that he not contact Julie Friday pending the outcome of the case. But on July 26, Julie Friday wrote a letter to the court, asking the judge to lift the no-contact order.
"I would like you to take the no-contact order off," Julie Friday wrote the court. "I need to figure out if my husband will go to treatment and if we still want to be together."
The court found no objections to her request and lifted the no-contact order. Friday eventually pleaded guilty to criminal trespass. Charges of interfering with an emergency call and property destruction were dropped.
In October, a bench warrant was issued for Friday's arrest for his failure to pay the fines associated with the criminal trespass offense. He eventually spent 31 days in the Park County Detention Center before he was released on Feb. 18.
Eight days later, Julie Friday was found dead in her home by her son. Myron Friday emerged as the primary suspect and was arrested at Raile's house in Cody after a day-long manhunt.
Cody Police Chief Perry Rockvam said Julie Friday died of trauma, though the means remain under investigation. He said an autopsy was to be performed in Billings, Mont., to determine the exact cause of death.
Over the past five years, Friday has been charged with battery of a household member, third offense, along with speeding, interference with a peace officer, breach of peace, criminal trespass, interference with emergency calls and property destruction.

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