Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fishers, IN: Fishers woman accused of killing boyfriend's dog after argument

Fishers, Ind.

Police in Fishers said a domestic dispute apparently led a woman to throw her boyfriend's dog to its death.

Sarah Rust is charged with a felony charge of Cruelty to Animals, after allegedly picking up her boyfriend's dog and throwing it from the couple's second story balcony in late January.

As a dog owner, Amber Clark said it was surprising and sickening to hear what allegedly happened on her neighbors balcony.

"I couldn't believe that someone could treat an animal like that," Clark said.

But neither Clark nor other neighbors were surprised to hear it happened during a heated argument.

"I can't even pinpoint exactly what night it was," Clark said. "There was always a lot of commotion coming from that particular apartment."

Witnesses at the apartment told police that during the argument Sarah Rust's boyfriend, "yelled out that Sarah threw his dog over the balcony" and then they "heard Sarah yell back at him that he got what he deserved."

Another neighbor told Fox59 he spoke to Rust's boyfriend minutes after he found his dog lying on the ground.

"He just came outside and he was obviously, you know, upset," said the neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous. "He just started talking and he told me what happened."

The couple rushed the dog to the VCA Emergency Center telling vets Raider simply "fell off the balcony." After doctors told them the dog was dead, the boyfriend told doctors Rust threw him off the balcony.

Fisher's police said they got similar conflicting reports when interviewing Rust's boyfriend, but then they received a letter from his ex-girlfriend and part owner of the dog. The woman sent police a letter she found at Raider's grave, allegedly written by Sarah Rust:

"Dear Raider,
First and Foremost Forgive me, but also forgive me and your daddy for fighting. We brought your life into our quarrel. You did not deserve to be any part of our combat. I ended your life, for which I am truly sorry my son."

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