Thursday, February 16, 2012

Haleiwa, HI: Police: Victim in apparent murder-suicide was avid North Shore canoe paddler

Wednesday morning's apparent murder-suicide at Waimea Bay has left a quiet North Shore community stunned.

"I'm like wait a minute I know this family, I know this family," says Faith Craycroft, who paddled with Amy Kaufman.

Craycroft knew 40 year-old Amy and 41 year-old Chris Kaufman through Amy's love for paddling.

"The first time I met her was at a first year birthday party, and one of those instant people you think you know for a whole lifetime," says Craycroft.

Amy was a member of the North Shore Canoe Club, and was well liked by fellow paddlers.

"That's all she did, she paddled. When she wasn't paddling she was with the kids on the beach," says Craycroft.

"I only knew Amy for a short time but the affect she had on me, I just can't imagine the people that she had a lot of long term friendships with."

Friends say she had a smile and spirit that would light up any room. Many say Amy and Chris Kaufman were the most likeable of people.

"She was one of those kinds of people, very friendly just so likeable," says Craycroft. "And he seemed equally the same just a wonderful dad."

Friends say Amy had recently separated from her husband Chris Kaufman. According to court records, she had filed for divorce on January 12. The couple has 2 sons a 5 year-old and 14 year-old.

"Apparently she had some major stuff going on with her but she never let on, that's the thing you would never know she was having personal problems and stuff," says Craycroft.

Several friends say Chris Kaufman was distraught about the pending divorce.

"It's just still so unbelievable that could happen to such a nice family," says Craycroft.

Police believe Chris Kaufman is the suspect in the deadly shooting.

"It's just really shocking and I know it's a loss for the North Shore Canoe Club because she was a big part of their paddling family," says Craycroft.

Family and friends are caring for the couples two sons.

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