Friday, February 10, 2012

Ottawa County, OK: Teen dies in murder-suicide in Northeast Oklahoma

Authorities say two teens involved in a double shooting yesterday had just broken up from a relationship.

The shooting occurred about 4 p.m. just south of the Delaware and Ottawa County line in Oklahoma.

According to Sheriff Rick Littlefield, Jazmine Flynn, 18, shot her former 16-year-old boyfriend several times and then killed herself with a single shot.

Officials say the boy's mother found the former couple lying on the roadway.

The boy was flown to Tulsa where he passed away this morning. Authorities say he attended high school in Afton.

Investigators say the couple were the parents of an eight month old child.

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montana berryman said...

im so sorry for these teens families.that wassad did they do that infront of their child?noone should go through that i dont think any one deserves to kill their selves even though it might be the only way at the time theres ways out of it. i cant imagen what they was going through or what their families are thinking/going through either now after all that.and if they done that infront of their child what they will go through when they grow up and find out the truth about its sorry and im going to prey for those people thats thinking about comitting suicide and their families.and those families thats had someone kill their selves i hope they found god atleast before.