Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Miami, FL: Arrest made in Overtown shooting of mom in front of kids

Miami police have arrested the man accused of shooting to death his ex-girlfriend early Monday in front of her two young children and several adults.

He was found near Northwest 14th Place and 212th Street in Miami Gardens after a family plea was held Wednesday morning. Police say it is unclear what he was doing in the area.

Shanquendra Quenishea Williams, 25, was killed by Bertram Frederick Clark, in her two-bedroom apartment in Overtown, 1232 NW First Pl., police said.

The couple’s son, Bertram, 3, and William’s daughter, Janya, 7, were in the apartment at the time along with two family friends.

The violence was sparked because Williams had called police earlier in the evening when Clark stormed into her apartment, grabbed her by the hair and poured liquor on her face.

She had decided not to file a police report.

Clark left, but neighbors said 20 minutes later he returned wearing gloves, burst into the apartment and “pistol whipped her and shot her,” according to the police report.

“He killed her for calling the police on him,” said her sister Shandina Williams, 26. “ But above everything he is a jealous, jealous man. “

Williams died inside her apartment.

On Tuesday, William’s young daughter was struggling with what she had witnessed.

“I was playing asleep. He came in and put my momma’s head between his legs and went ‘boom boom,’ ” Janya said. “Momma kept saying ‘no, no.’ When I saw my momma on the floor I ran outside.”

Shandina said Williams and Clark were not romantically involved anymore.

“He would only came around because of the kids,” she said. “They had nothing together.”

Miami-Dade records show Clark has a violent past. Clark was charged with third-degree murder with a deadly weapon in 1994 and convicted in 1995. He also was charged with first-degree attempted murder in 1990 and was acquitted in 1991. He also has been charged with more than a dozen charges of burglary, battery and cocaine possession.

“The police has come to the house more than four times in the past, but my sister never follows through with a report, she lets it slide,” she said.

Samuel Wilson, a close family friend, was visiting the home when Williams was killed.

“We were watching TV when he came in shot her on the floor,” Wilson said. “He said he loved his kids but he did what he did. He hurt them, took away their mom. How can he love them?”

Williams’ heartbroken mother, Judditte Williams, 53, said her daughter worked at a nearby Burger King.

“She was a tall, pretty and hardworking woman,” she said. “A great daughter and mother.”

The two children will now live with their aunt.

“I don’t even want them living here,” Shandina Williams said of the apartment. “It’s too much. Janya doesn’t even want to come home. She wants her mom back.”

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