Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mesa, CO: Two Found Dead In Mesa Home

MESA, Colo -- Thursday morning Mesa County Sheriff's Deputies were dispatched on a report of a deceased person found with a gun shot wound.
During their response, deputies got another call.
"A second body had been discovered up there,” Sgt. Matt Lewis with Mesa County Sheriff’s Office said. “They got on scene and confirmed that there were two bodies found up in the town of Mesa."
In a small communities like Mesa word spreads quickly.
"A couple people came in the store earlier and they were saying a lady got shot and killed over here, and then the guy ended up killing himself,” Mesa resident Roy Worby said.
"I was called by a friend who heard it on a scanner and I all knew was that a 50-year-old woman was shot,” local store owner, Joanne Tayler said. “Immediately I knew it was LaVon."
Joanne Taylor was close with the LaVon and had a growing concern about her boyfriend "Buck."
She say's he had a history of criminal charges.
"He punched her in the face and threatened her daughter and her. She called the police; they arrested him with drugs on him and all these other charges," Taylor said.
She says LaVon was worried when "Buck" was released on bail.
"I saw her last night. She came in my store and she said she was going home for the first time since he got out of jail,” Taylor said. “I asked her if she felt safe going home and she said no."
The news of the deaths Thursday morning shocked those who live and work in Mesa.
"It’s a beautiful area, beautiful people; you just don’t expect something like that to happen in a little town like this,” Roy Worby said.
"It makes you wonder whose all up here that doesn't belong here,” Joanne Taylor said.
Mesa County's Sheriff’s Office couldn't confirm the identities of those involved or if this is a murder suicide case.
Authorities say there is not a public safety concern or a suspect at large.

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