Friday, February 10, 2012

Marion, OH: Ex-Boyfriend Denies Involvement in Murder

MARION -- The ex-boyfriend of murdered Amy Adrich, who was held as a "person of interest," today denied involvement in the woman's death. Bo Cook, 25, said he did not have anything to do with the death of the Aldrich, who was found shot to death on Wednesday.

"Why would I do this, it's my kid's mother," Cook said today.

Cook was charged with one count of possession of heroin and two counts of assaulting corrections officers at the Multi-County Corrections Center where he was held overnight Wednesday. He posted $25,000 bond and was released on Thursday.

Marion Police continue to investigate the murder and have not charged anyone at this point.

Pictures from Aldrich's account show her and Cook in happier poses. But Aldrich's mother said Amy was fearful of Cook and ultimately moved to Paulding County with her mother to escape Cook.

"Life came back into her face," Margaret Reed said of the time Aldrich lived with her. "She wasn't afraid anymore."

Aldrich returned to Marion Wednesday for a child support hearing with Cook, who did not show u for the proceeding. She was visiting her cousin when she was shot and killed.

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