Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bellevue, ID: Former Bellevue mayor, ex-wife found dead in their home

BELLEVUE, Idaho -- The Hailey Police Department has confirmed that the former mayor of Bellevue and his ex-wife are dead in what appears to be a murder-suicide.
Police were called to a home at 320 Walnut Street in Bellevue around 9 a.m. Tuesday. Once inside the home police found the body of 58-year-old Linda Vaughn of Bellevue. She was the apparent victim of a homicide.
Lying next to her body was her ex-husband, 55-year-old Jon Anderson of Bellevue. It appears the former mayor died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.
A caretaker found the bodies and called police. It appears the couple died in the early morning hours. There was a note left, but those details have not been released.
Police say although the couple was divorced they lived at the home amicably.
The incident remains under investigation by the Bellevue Marshals Office and the Hailey Police Department. The Idaho State Police crime scene unit is assisting.
NewsChannel 7 has a crew on the way to Bellevue. Check back later tonight for an update.

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