Monday, January 16, 2012

Chattahoochee, FL: Chattahoochee Woman Speaks Out After Her Boyfriend's Death

Police say a Chattahoochee man died after a fight with his girlfriend's ex. We talked to the man's girlfriend who says she's now afraid for her own life.

"I feel scared because he is still on the loose and I'm scared to go outside at night because he's still on the loose," said girlfriend of the victim, Tynese Davis.

Davis says she wants Travis Jones, who is the father to her children, behind bars.

She holds him responsible for the Thursday night incident that lead to the death of the man she's been dating since July, Roger Clemons.

"He needs to be locked up he needs to be locked up because that ain't right what he did. That hurt me," said Davis.

Davis says the nightmare all started when she first heard a very loud knock on her door a little after 9 o'clock at night.

"Then I heard another knock at my bedroom window and I went to go check to see if my kids was alright," said Davis.

She says that's when she heard a lot of commotion outside. When she opened the door, people were screaming for her to call the police.

"I was in shock and shaken. I said no no. When I came outside I saw my friend lyin' there shaking," said Davis.

Davis says after 13 years, she and Jones ended their relationship in December. But she never thought it would come to this.

Police have not charged Jones with any crime.

They say they're investigating to determine if he was acting in self defense.

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