Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Atlanta, GA: Cops: Man charged with son-in-law's murder left gun at crime scene Continue reading on Cops: Man charged with son-in-law's murder left gun at crime scene

Hours after a man said he found his son-in-law dead during a welfare check, police charged the elderly man with his in-law’s murder.

Carroll County Sheriff's investigators said Mr. Clyde Henry Buckett, 67, and his son-in-law had an on-going dispute that erupted into violence sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.

Neighbors in The Oaks subdivision in the Clem’s Community heard shooting, but dismissed it as someone doing target practice,Capt. Shane Taylor said.

It wasn’t until 7:34 a.m. Monday that deputies received the call that Mr. Michael Shane Barber, 40, was dead inside the garage of his home at 233 White Oak Court, Capt. Taylor said.

Mr. Buckett told investigators he went to his son-in-law’s home to check on him and found him unresponsive, Capt. Taylor said.

Mr. Barber had been shot multiple times and the gun used to kill him was left at the crime scene, Capt. Taylor said.

Investigators said the handgun belonged to Mr. Buckett.

Witnesses also told investigators they saw Mr. Buckett at Mr. Barber’s home around the time of the shooting, Capt. Taylor said.

“They have had an ongoing feud over the years related to domestic issues,” Capt. Taylor said.

Mr. Barber and Mr. Buckett’s daughter have had repeated issues of domestic violence, the captain said. The couple had split up in the past, but were now back together, Capt. Taylor said.

The wife and children were visiting family in Florida at the time of Mr. Barber's shooting.

Mr. Buckett was being held at the Carroll County jail without bond.

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