Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Greenwood, IN: Greenwood homicide victim's boyfriend arrested on unrelated charge

The victim of a Greenwood homicide who died from blunt force trauma Saturday was also the victim of several cases of domestic violence at the hands of her boyfriend, who police arrested Tuesday morning.

Greenwood police have been busy interviewing those who knew 45-year-old Michelle Andrews, including her boyfriend, 46-year-old Michael Richards. Richards, a former Southport police officer, was arrested on an outstanding warrant in Marion County, just 36 hours after Andrews was found dead inside her apartment.

Neighbors of Andrews said she had been living with Richards at Stonehedge Apartments.

"It’s my understanding that he didn't work,” said neighbor George Strader. “You'd see him in and out here all of the time, day and night. He'd be in and out and wouldn't be gone very long when he'd leave."

It is still not clear where Richards was the night Andrews was killed, but his white Audi was towed from the crime scene shortly thereafter.

"Police had asked me the day that I’d seen her if, I’d seen him,” said Strader. “I said I didn't pay no attention. I didn't know if his car was parked out there or not. I never pay attention to who is out there."

According to police records, the couple had a long history of domestic violence. Andrews has had protective orders against Richards in the past, and Richards was arrested twice for breaking a trespassing order at her previous apartment complex where she was later evicted.

Court documents show Andrews was also in the process of being evicted from her Stonehedge apartment, but was instead discovered dead by the complex's maintenance man who neighbor's said was also a close friend and extremely emotional the night of the crime.

"He was crying and I didn't want to interfere in his business," said neighbor Bob Bombarger.

Greenwood police are in the process of pursing additional leads in the case and are testing evidence collected from Andrews’ apartment.

Meantime, Richards continues to be held in the Marion County Jail without bond.

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