Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Grand Rapids, MI: Suspect in Oak Hill Cemetery killing admitted to 'homicidal thoughts' in January, court records show

GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- A 33-year-old woman, who authorities say is a suspect in the stabbing death of a man in Oak Hill Cemetery, told doctors in January she had "homicidal thoughts," court records show.
Christina Kipkorir, who has an extensive mental health history, told psychologists earlier this year that she felt depressed and had homicidal thoughts toward her ex-boyfriend.
"She stated she would have killed him if she had a knife," one caseworker wrote in January.
Robert Shields, 67, who was reportedly Kipkorir's boyfriend, was found stabbed to death at Oak Hill Cemetery Thursday morning. He was a convicted felon who most recently served time for sexual assault and was released from prison in early 2011.
It wasn't clear whether Shields was the "ex-boyfriend" that Kipkorir referenced to psychologists when she was hospitalized at Pine Rest in January.
But in a Jan. 6 petition for her hospitalization, she noted her ex-boyfriend recently got out of prison and that was the person for which she harbored ill thoughts.
It was only one of several mental-health related commitments for Kipkorir since 2009, who was repeatedly described by caseworkers as having major depression, suicidal tendencies, mood disorder and borderline personality disorder.

She had taken overdoses in the past and, according to one case manager, has "chronic mental illness."
Kipkorir was picked up by authorities the same day as Shields' body was found, but prosecutors have not charged her with homicide.
Instead, she is so far charged with two misdemeanor counts of providing false information to police and also disobeying a police command,
Grand Rapids District Court Judge Michael Christensen noted she is a "prime suspect" in the homicide, and set her bond at $50,000.
Court records show psychologists first sought to have Kipkorir treated for mental health issues in 2004.
"The patient states she wants to hurt herself with a knife and or stab or shoot her husband," a doctor wrote after examining her then.
Justice Moreno, who said Kipkorir began living only recently at the Thomas Street SE women's home run by his mother, said he knew Shields.
"He was a nice guy," he said, alleging that Kipkorir did not treat him fairly.

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