Friday, June 22, 2012

Gallatin County, KY: Police Says Couple in Murder-Suicide Were Going Through Separation

Three children are without their parents, after a double shooting police believe is a tragic murder-suicide. Police found a husband and wife dead in their home on Wanda Court near Verona late Wednesday morning. Their children were outside when the shots rang out.

Local 12's Dan Spehler spoke with neighbors who consoled those children afterwards.

Police believe their father, 37 year old Michael Turner, was the one who pulled the trigger. First troopers say he shot his 35-year old wife, April Turner, then turned the gun on himself and took his own life. "Its tragic the kids were good kids they were over here playing with mine it's just a shame to see the kids basically homeless now."

Neighbor John Six came home not long after it happened. "Saw the oldest one running up the street and called her over here, consoled her, the rest of kids stayed here until all the police got to talk to them."

Troopers say the kids were all outside when their father Michael Turner shot their mother April, then turned the gun on himself. "Gallatin County dispatch received a 911 call there had been a shooting call, it was actually from one of the children who was outside."

Six says, "I just hope they're ok. It's just a shame. They got a long road ahead of them and I hope they can stick together and work thru this it's crazy."

Off camera, friends and other neighbors told us the couple had been going thru a separation and that Michael was having problems with alcohol. "Kentucky State Police had a call in May about a marital property dispute over a vehicle, other than that, we've been talking to neighbors they say there's been a past history of marital problems."

Six recalls, "I've known these guys. I know they've had some problems but I never thought it'd lead to this."

Autopsies will be conducted on the husband and wife to try and verify what police believe took place here. But at this point they say the preliminary investigation shows it was Turner who shot his wife, then himself.

Neighbors say April Turner's family is from out of state, and on their way to be with the children. Social Service workers will watch the children, who range in age from 8 years to 14 years, until then. They're also being interviewed by State Police.

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