Thursday, June 14, 2012

Watkins Glen, NY: Steuben County Woman Charged In Connection With Town Of Dix Murder Pleads "Not Guilty"

Watkins Glen, NY -- The Steuben County woman charged in connection to the murder of her former boyfriend, pleaded "not guilty" to his murder in Schuyler County Court Thursday.
40 year old Alice Trappler of Addison is charged with two counts of second degree murder, one count of burglary and one count of conspiracy for the shooting death of her ex-boyfriend, Daniel Bennett.

Bennett was shot in his Town of Dix home on April 19th.

The two had an 8 month daughter, Lily, who is currently staying with Trappler's mother in Addison.

The Schuyler County Sheriff's Office says the two were fighting over custody of Lily.

A custody hearing was set for April 20th, the day after Bennett was shot.

Two others were involved in the shooting, according to authorities.

Nathan Hand of Corning is charged with murder.

Authorities say his step-brother, Thomas Borden, committed suicide by jumping in front of a train near Philadelphia before he could be caught.

Borden is also Trappler's ex-husband.

“Certainly this one spans a couple of counties, lots of different personnel and also 2 states. Not to mention one of the suspects is deceased. It makes it more difficult but we are ready to go to trial on this,” says Schuyler County District Attorney Joseph Fazzary.

Trappler is being held in jail without bail.

During her arraignment in Schuyler County Court, her defense attorney, Matthew Gagliardo, asked for bail to be set.

He says Trappler deserves bail because she is *only* being charged as an accomplice.

"I think it's interesting. No one is here is alleging she pulled the trigger and killed Daniel Bennett. No one is alleging it upon my information, that was even there when Bennett was shot. Therefore I think that is a mitigating factor, entitling her to some bail."

A bail hearing has been set for June 21st.

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