Friday, June 22, 2012

Colquitt County, GA: Colquitt Co. man killed in his bed

A Moultrie woman is charged with shooting and killing her longtime live in boyfriend.

43-year old Gina Thompson is charged with murdering 54-year old Johnny Crawford. Officials say the couple had a history of domestic disputes, and they say the suspect tried to cover up the crime.

43 year old Gina Thompson called 911 early this morning, claiming to be the victim of a crime.

"The Colquitt County Sheriffs Office 911 center got a call about 12:30 this morning that there was a burglary in process and someone had been shot," says Steve Turner, GBI Special Agent In Charge.

But when deputies arrived at the home at 1445 South U.S. 319, they weren't buying her story.

"They found Gina Thompson, at the residence, she was claiming that she had been shot, and Johnny Crawford was actually shot at the residence, and he was already deceased," says Turner.

Crawford's body was found lying in bed with multiple gun shot wounds to the torso and shoulder. He was pronounced dead at the scene. And Thompson's story of a home invader didn't hold up.

Officials say she staged a break in by shattering the glass on the back door.

"That is where the supposed break in was, it really wasn't a home invasion, she tried to make it look like a home invasion," says Turner.

Officials say Thompson went to great lengths to make her story plausible, even turning the gun on herself.

"She wasn't actually shot, a bullet came very close to her arm, she got more gun powder than bullet, the bullet didn't really hit her," says Turner.

43 year old Gina Thompson is charged with murder for shooting and killing her live-in boyfriend of 20 years, 54 year old Johnny Crawford. Thompson is being held in the Colquitt County jail.

Officials are not sure exactly what led to the shooting. Gina Thompson is charged with murder and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime.

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