Friday, June 15, 2012

Miami, FL: 3 dead in apparent murder-suicide

SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, Fla. (WSVN) -- Three people were found dead inside a home after an apparent murder-suicide, according to investigators.
Miami-Dade Police responded to the home in the area of Southwest 70th Avenue and 18th Street on Tuesday, at about 9:30 p.m., after reports of a shooting. "I'm shocked," said Luz Marcela Pena, a friend of one of those murdered. "I'm really in shock because I never thought something like this would happen. She was talking, saying that somebody was nervous in the house, some problem, but I never suspected something like that."
Upon arrival, authorities discovered three adults-- two males and one female-- dead inside the home. The deceased have been identified as husband and wife Leonardo Diaz and Martha Kim Jo. Police said Oney Campiz shot Diaz and Jo and then turned the gun on himself.
According to Miami-Dade Police, Campiz is Diaz' and Jo's daughter's child's father. Police said they were involved in a dispute.
Authorities said this shooting happened when the couple's daughter, her three children and another adult were inside the home. They were rescued by police. "Those officers went to the back of the house and rescued these adults and children through a back window," said Miami-Dade Police Detective Roy Rutland.
A neighbor who lives in an efficiency behind the home said she heard about 10 gunshots and screaming before police arrived on the scene. "You get scared," said Martha Valverde. "I don't know if he was coming after me next. I don't know. I was just running, got into my car and left. I don't know the address because I moved here not too long ago, so I looked at the address before I left, and then I called from the corner."
A woman who arrived on the scene to check on the family said Campiz had threatened Jo's life in the past. Pena said she had worked with Jo in the past before their employer closed and moved out of the country. They both had been unemployed since December, but Pena said, they were longtime friends and often visited each other.
Pena said, on June 6, Jo had visited her, and she noticed something was wrong. "I said, 'What's going on, Marta?' She said, 'It seems it's not going well in my house.' I said, 'OK, well, let me see if I can get some time so we can hang out together.'"
Friends are still unsure what exactly lead Campiz to commit the murder-suicide, but they said they have spoken with the daughter, and she is in a safe area.
Mariamparo Inglesias, a neighbor of the gunman, said news of the murder-suicide came as a shock. She said he and his family always seemed happy. "He would leave to work or wherever he was going, I will always see them kissing each other and saying bye to each other," she said. "I felt like crying because I've never seen no problem between them."
Friends of the couple said they are not sure why Campiz targeted his girlfriend's parents. Authorities continue to investigate.

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