Monday, October 17, 2011

Hialeah, FL: Hialeah man gets life sentence for stabbing death

Maykel Beiro, drunk and raging, pulled a knife on his girlfriend in the kitchen of their Hialeah townhome, plunging it into her neck so deep that the blade nicked her spine.

And watching it all: Anileydi Valdes' 5-year-old son, Dylan.

"She will never again see her son. He was literally on the kitchen floor playing with his toys when she was stabbed to death," Miami-Dade prosecutor Matthew Baldwin told a judge on Friday.

he details were horrific enough that Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Migna Sanchez-Llorens sentenced Beiro, 34, to the maximum sentence for second-degree murder.

"I sentence you to life in prison, and that's it," she told Beiro.

The sentencing caps a particularly bloody domestic murder saga that unfolded in November 2008 in the 2500 block of West 60th Place.

Beiro, a truck driver with no criminal convictions, had been living with Valdes, her son and her cousin at the townhome. They had been together off and on for several years. Although the couple were not married, Dylan knew Beiro as his "Papi."

That day, Beiro had been drinking wine heavily.

"I was so intoxicated that I lost control of the situation," Beiro, who before trial rejected a 30-year plea offer, told the judge.

What sparked the fatal fight remains unclear. His attorney, Michael Bloom, said Beiro wanted to leave the home. Valdes' family insisted she was trying to kick him out.

Prosecutors Baldwin and Joseph Mansfield said Beiro erupted into a rage, slamming doors and throwing things around. Terrified, Valdes and her cousin, Kirena Lezcano, drove to the Hialeah police station — but Beiro persuaded her, by cellphone, to return home.

Back at the home, Beiro grabbed a large kitchen knife and attacked Valdes. Lezcano tried to intervene and got stabbed in the hand.

At trial in August, Beiro said he only pulled the knife to scare her — and that Valdez lunged at him, running into the blade.

"If not for an unfortunate situation where the knife plunged into her neck," defense lawyer Bloom said, "an inch higher, or an inch lower, we'd be dealing with a crime but not a murder."

After the stabbing, Beiro — soaked in blood — loaded Valdes' body into his car. A security guard told police that Beiro at first tried just dumping the body in front of Palmetto General Hospital.

Little Dylan, not comprehending what had happened, drew police detectives a picture of his mother cut in the hand. He believed Beiro had cut his "mommy" because she had scratched one of his music CDs earlier in the day.

The boy's clothes were splattered with blood, so a Hialeah detective took the child to Walmart that night and bought him new clothes.

"I have him with me now and I give him lots of love, but he keeps asking about his mom. It's very sad," his aunt, Aniset Cabrera, 24, tearfully told the judge. "We are condemned for the rest of our lives. This is a loss we will always have to endure."

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