Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Woodlands, TX: Woodlands murder-suicide victim feared husband would become violent during divorce

THE WOODLANDS, Texas—Friends and coworkers of Spring veterinarian Karen Gunn say she feared her husband would react violently during their divorce proceedings. She had extra surveillance cameras installed at the Veterinary Medical Center of Spring on Kuykendahl near Cypresswood. Her staff had changed security codes and had plans in place if Graham Gunn showed up at the clinic again.
"This has been a nightmare we’ve been living for six months," said vet clinic employee Melissa Lemons.
The nightmare, which ended Monday when investigators say Graham Gunn shot his estranged wife and then took his own life in the backyard of their Woodlands home, began when Karen Gunn filed for divorce in November of 2011. 
Employees say a month later Graham Gunn, carrying a handgun, confronted his wife at the veterinary clinic. He was never arrested or charged with a crime.
In the months that followed, Karen Gunn’s attorney Susan Myres recommended an official protection order. But Graham Gunn and his attorney agreed that he would voluntarily stay 500 feet away from their home, from the veterinary clinic, and from their children’s schools as the divorce process continued. They were scheduled to meet in court in Montgomery County on June 4, 2012, but the divorce, with no agreement yet on custody of their two young children, wasn’t expected to be finalized until September. 
"Every time we would think things were getting better, he would pop up or do something to remind us that he was still out there and things weren’t getting any better," said Lemons.
Myres said the wife and mother was scared but hoped her husband would concede and wouldn’t turn violent.
"What I want to have happen is I don’t want people to ask why she stayed as long as she did. I want people to ask why he would do this," said Myres, adding that she and her law firm staff are devastated by what happened. 
"That you would be oblivious to the impact that your actions are going to have on your children. That just astounds me," said Myres. 
The Gunns leave behind two children, ages 8 and 10. Police said the children called 911 after the shooting.
Graham Gunn was a Canadian citizen. He was married twice before and reportedly stalked a previous wife. Court documents show that a psychologist hired to consult in the case determined that Graham Gunn did not pose a physical threat to his wife. Myres said he and Karen Gunn owned the veterinary clinic together.
"As he lost more control in his mind, the more out of control he became," said Melissa Lemons.
The attorney representing Graham Gunn in the divorce proceeding did not return KHOU 11 News’ calls for comment.

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Lana DelRey said...

Jeeze! That is so crazy...and sad. Even with the precautions they took he still ended up killing her. I went to a dog vet in Carpentersville IL once and I didn't see a single security camera there - I reckon they didn't have any psychopathic ex-husbands posing a threat to the premises.