Sunday, June 10, 2012

York County, PA: UPDATE(5): Court documents give a look into the mind of man who killed his girlfriend.

CBS 21 news has uncovered new information about the murder of a 52 year old woman in York County, which led to a three hour standoff, as her accused killer barricaded himself inside the home.

Court documents reveal that her accused killer, her boyfriend, Ross Crawford, may have been putting his emotions in writing the entire time she was lying there dead.

Around 9:30pm Friday night police arrived to a home at the 500 block of Cedar Village Drive in Manchester Township, York County.

A caller said she found her friend, 52 year old Cherylann Dowell, wrapped in a sheet in an upstairs bathroom. She then looked up and saw Dowell's boyfriend, 41 year old Ross Crawford, holding a knife and covered in blood.

Chief Mark Bentzel, Northern York County Regional Police:

"After they had entered the home they saw the female who was deceased. They encountered a male and he told them to leave and they called 911."

When police secured the first floor, they saw signs of a struggle; blood splatter on the bedroom and hallway floor, and then heard Crawford say he had a gun and would shoot them.

Court documents reveal that negotiators began speaking with Crawford who indicated he was "sorry."

Three hours later when Crawford surrendered...

From the Affadavit of Probable Cause:

"Crawford was found to be bleeding from multiple self inflicted knife wounds to his arms and neck." he was bleeding from self-inflicted knife wounds to his arms and neck.

The York County Coroner says Dowell died from blunt force trauma to the head. She had been dead for more than 24 hours. It's possible that during that time her boyfriend and accused killer may have tried to kill himself.

Police found notes written by Crawford...

From the Affadavit of Probable Cause:

"Sorry mom!! I Love you & dad & My sister. I Love Life. But my true love is gone got to join her."

Another note read, "Tried killing myself with pills did not work will die tonight."

A friend of the victim says they appeared to be a lovely couple.

Anita Sherman, victim's friend:

"I didn't expect it. In a neighborhood like this, nice and quiet. I left the city because of the noise and gunshots. I come out here, you don't even hear a pin drop. So its shocking."

According to the York Daily Record, the accused killer, Crawford, has a criminal past which includes being involved in a hostage situation and arson.

He's in York Hospital being treated for his cuts. That's also where he was processed and charged with criminal homicide.

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