Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nashville, TN: Domestic Dispute Leaves Man Dead

NASHVILLE, Tenn.- A domestic dispute turned deadly Saturday morning in the Chesapeake neighborhood of North Nashville.

"We got a 911 call of a domestic (dispute) and when we arrived, officers went inside and (found) a person deceased inside," Madison Precinct Investigator Russell Thompson said.

Police identified the man as 33-year-old Jocquis Guinn. His family rushed over to the home on Woodstock Drive as soon as they heard the news. They had to see it for themselves before believing that their loved one is gone.

Police say after an argument at 5:15 am, Dareece Carruthers, 27 stabbed Guinn to death. The couple lived together with two children.

The situation was clearly too much for Guinn's sister to bear, as she was taken away by an ambulance after being overcome with emotion.

In the seemingly close-knit community, the couple and their relationship were a mystery to their neighbors who described them as keeping to themselves.

"Yeah I know her. That's my home girl," friend Tony said. "I've been knowing her for some years."

For the few who did know the woman, they say they're especially shocked.

"What transpired? I mean what actually made this jump off? I don't know what type of relationship they had. I don't know what was going on with them…"

Those are the same questions police had. That's why Carruthers was taken from the scene and in the beginning deemed a person of interest. Now she's charged with criminal homicide.

"I've never known her to do anything," Tony said. "She stays to herself. She (doesn't) mess with nobody. Take care of her kids, go to work, come home, that's it."

Guinn's family said he was a good person who was involved with the wrong person. Police say there is no known history of domestic violence. The two children who lived in the house were not there Saturday morning. Police say they're in a safe place.

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