Sunday, June 3, 2012

Glendale, AZ: Police: Man killed girlfriend's cat, terrorized her son

A man has been arrested, accusing of shooting and killing his girlfriend's cat with a rifle-style BB gun.

Sunday evening, 40-year-old Thomas James O'Rourke allegedly went on a BB gun shooting spree at his home in Glendale.

Police say O'Rourke first shot one round at his live-in girlfriend's 7-year-old son, which bounced off the driveway and struck him in the right ankle. The boy was not hurt.

O'Rourke then allegedly went into one of the bedrooms and shot the house cat multiple times until it died. He then threw the cat's carcass at his girlfriend's car as she tried to drive away with her kids, according to court documents.

When he was alone in the house, O'Rourke allegedly destroyed some kitchen cabinets, picture frames, and tipped over furniture.

Police say O'Rourke was drunk during his rage. It's not clear what brought on the behavior.

He is facing charges of inflicting injury on an animal, aggravated assault, and criminal damage.

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