Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Waipahu, HI: Recently wed couple involved in Waipahu attempted murder-suicide

Residents of a Waipahu neighborhood say the couple involved in Sunday night's attempted murder-suicide were quiet neighbors.

Neighbors say the couple recently got married and kept to themselves.

"It's usually quiet here," said Rhona Ramos, neighbor.

"It's a dead-end street, rarely people come here and make trouble," said Jayna Muao, neighbor.

But the scene at Apii Place in Waipahu, was much different Sunday night. At 11:00 p.m., police were called to a domestic dispute at this house.

"As we come outside, there were a lot of cops, we heard people cursing and stuff," Muao said.

Police say 40-year-old Anthony Kaai repeatedly hit his 23-year-old wife in the head with a hammer. Neighbors describe a chaotic scene.

"An older lady running out of the door and she was hysterical and screaming. And I heard a man say "it's a hammer," " Ramos said.

According to police, Kaai fled on foot to the nearby Hiapo Street Bridge. That's where police tried to negotiate with him. They say he refused to cooperate, jumped, and later died.

Police closed nearby streets as they investigated the incident.

Neighbors are shocked. They say, they've never witnessed anything out of the ordinary at the house.

"I know they recently just moved in," Ramos said.

Another neighbor believes the couple got married earlier this year. The neighbor says the woman moved here from the Philippines, and the couple lived with her relatives.

"I see them going to the store and leaving the house but fighting, no," Ramos said.

The victim went to the hospital Sunday night in critical condition, but has been upgraded to serious.

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