Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jacksonville, FL: Man suspected of killing girlfriend arrested by JSO

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- After being on the run since Tuesday morning, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office arrests 27-year-old Prince Sanders in connection with the murder of his girlfriend.

Police say he shot and killed his girlfriend in her home on Ralph Street. The exact details of how Sanders was taken into custody weren't being revealed by JSO on Tuesday evening.

Friend Jesse Peterson said, "It's sad. It's so much killing going on.  It's just sad.  Because she had two little kids."

Neighbors say their kids were just 3 and 1, and they say the kids were home when their mom collapsed on the front steps.

A witness who did not want to be identified told Action News, "She was coming down the hallway bleeding. And she came to the front door and she just collapsed right there on the sidewalk."

Another unidentified witness said, "It's sad because at like 11:30 last night they got into an altercation where he hit her in the head with a gun and split her head open."

The shooting was the second time JSO had been called to at the Riverside home.  Police and neighbors say the couple had gotten into a fight late Monday night.  They say Sanders left the house, only to come back hours later and finish what he started.  Now, they're scared.

"If he killed her, that's his kid's mother, what would he care about me?  You?  He's dangerous," said a witness.  Another neighbor said, "I do feel like he's in that state of mind where he has nothing else to lose now."

According to JSO, Tuesday morning's murder on Ralph Street is the 80th murder in Jacksonville so far this year.  Last year, there were 58 murders.

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