Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Payson, AZ: Husband in Murder-Suicide was a 'Freak'

A tragic murder-suicide took place in Payson, Ariz. on Wednesday, but in this story it appears that there aren't many nice things being said about the husband. In fact, he's being labeled a "freak" among other words. The incident horrified neighbors in the late afternoon hours when a gunshot rang through the neighborhood. It was the shot that killed Payson realtor Marjeane Easley -- who died instantly in the garage of the home in which she sought refuge away from her husband.

Neighbors watched in terror as the man fumbled with a pistol in the driveway of the home before turning the gun on himself and pulling the trigger. Unlike his estranged wife, Easley didn't die instantly but was pronounced dead later at a nearby hospital.

This murder-suicide was one that was probably expected, seeing as though one family member labeled Thomas Easley a "freak" who had an obsession with guns and was a heavy drinker. It's also reported that Marjeane had been trying to leave the man for years but he was allegedly abusive. She finally left him, filing for divorce, but he had supposedly been stalking her.

This is a truly tragic case that should have never happened. The woman who died as a result of this man's erratic behavior had expressed concern in the past, but nothing could be done to protect her. Was he seeking treatment for his apparent mental issues or was this a display of the utter failure the mental health system is in this country?

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