Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Birmingham man suspected of shooting wife dead; then kills himself

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Published: May 6, 2009

A man and woman are found dead in a house garage from an apparent murder-suicide.
The Birmingham Police Department reports it happened Tuesday, May 5, 2009, at approximately 9:40 p.m. CT, at 426 West Smithfield Terrace in Birmingham.
Officers from the West Precinct responded to the incident location to investigate a report of domestic assault involving a husband and wife.
When officers arrived, they discovered the victim inside her garage, suffering from apparent gunshot wounds.
The suspect was also located inside the garage, suffering from what appeared to be a fatal self-inflicted wound.
The victim has been identified as Barbara Hill, 46, of 426 West Smithfield Terrace.
The suspect has been identified as Larry Hill, 58, of 426 West Smithfield Terrace.
Paramedics arrived at the scene and pronounced the victim and suspect dead. 
This case is still under investigation.
To date, 22 chargeable homicides have been reported in the City of Birmingham during 2009, compared to 27 at this time in 2008.

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Gin said...

***sigh*** well unlike mothers killer at least he had the guts to kill himself. This is one death penalty case that Alabama wont have to try over the next 25 years, at least the family doesnt have to go on that emotional roller coaster ride that I have been on for the past 19 years. My prayers go out to the familys of the victims...saddens me that two more lives have been taken by this evil act of murder. What causes one to lose control to the point of killing another human or yourself? How do people get so far out there with thier selfish thinking and noone picks up on the behavior, the police wont do anything if you do report your life in danger not until a crime has been committed. My mom new he was going to kill her it was just a matter of time and the right time for him to do so he picked a day only her and my 6 yearold brother were at home to do his evil cruel acts..yes my bro saw it all of it..he is now 24 and screwed up emotionally for life over what his dad did so sad...