Sunday, February 17, 2013

Council Bluffs, IA: Council Bluffs Shooting A Murder/Suicide

Police say the bodies of a man and woman found in a Council Bluffs home Saturday morning was the result of a murder/suicide.

Officers called to the Bluffs Acres mobile home park near Pueblo Road and Chippewa Circle just after 10 a.m. to investigate a report of a shooting found the bodies of 38-year-old Stephony Metzger and 42-year-old Terry Francis in one of the home's bedrooms.

Police say Metzger, who lived at the home, and Francis had been dating for several years. It's believed he shot Metzger before turning the gun on himself. Neighbor Jennifer Iwersen said Metzger had recently been trying to end the relationship.

Metzger was the mother of three children between the ages of 12 and 18. Carolyn Brown, who lives across the street, went to school with the oldest child. "She's recently started college. She was talking on Facebook the other day about how she was really looking forward to a bright future and then unfortunately something like this happened. I feel so terribly sorry for her."

Brown didn't know Metzger well. “I didn’t have many conversations with her, but she seemed really nice and caring. When she would come out with her dogs she would wave and say hi. She never seemed mean at all. I’ve only had pleasant encounters with her.”

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