Friday, February 1, 2013

Charlotte, NC: Woman found dead in northwest Charlotte home had history involving domestic incidents

Professionals from across the country will wrap up a second day of training designed to improve the investigation and prosecution of domestic violence cases.
This is just one day after the bodies of Derrick Teasley and Shakendra Covington were found inside a home on Winchester Street in northwest Charlotte in what police describe as a possible domestic case. Eyewitness News learned several small children were in the home, as well.
"It's sad to see,” neighbor Lakevia Henderson said. “No children should ever have to witness their parent in a situation like that."
Eyewitness News went through court records and found Covington was tied to another domestic case in 2010, in which she filed for a protective order accusing a man she was dating of punching her in the face and threatening to kill her.  Henderson said she witnessed separate incidents involving other men as well.
“She would keep to herself and the only time you would hear something was a domestic dispute between her and her friend guys. She did have a troubled past with that, I know that," Henderson said. "I witnessed it. I could see it. I could hear it."
Examining the history of domestic violence victims and perpetrators and looking at ways to improve the response of police, nurses and social workers is the focus of a two-day training happening in uptown Charlotte. 
Channel 9 spoke to one of the guest speakers, a retired police lieutenant from Nashville, Tenn.
"In the next 18 months in the country, we are going to see as many people killed in domestic violence as lost in 9/11. This is big, big problem," retired Lt. Mark Wynn said.
"It's tragic," Henderson said. "Get out of it while you can, while you got time."
Police said in March 2011, there was a shooting outside the same home where the bodies were found Wednesday. That incident involved two men, including the man Covington filed the order of protection against in 2010.

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