Friday, February 1, 2013

Article: Holiday Arguments May Lead to More Charges for Domestic Violence

Some people report an increase in domestic arguments during the holidays.
February 01, 2013 /24-7PressRelease/ -- When a couple spends a lot of time together, it is no surprise that the occasional argument will take place. A problem occurs, however, when these arguments escalate and lead to domestic violence. During the holiday season, authorities were on the look-out for domestic violence crimes.
Several authorities, including members of the State Police, have stated that they typically see issues with domestic violence around the holiday season. They acknowledge, however, that evidence of a greater amount of domestic violence during the holidays is based more on practical experience than statistical proof.
When trying to explain the increase around certain times of year, one district attorney cites alcohol consumption. Holidays typically provide an opportunity for individuals to consume alcoholic beverages, and they may be more likely to act out because of it. Holiday stresses as well as a struggling economy also prove to be contributing factors to the increase. As the unemployment rate has risen, so has the amount of domestic violence occurring in society.
An increase in the level of violence in assaults
Authorities worry that not only are the number of battering increasing, but also that the types of assaults are getting more violent. State police are finding that although violent crimes are dropping, the incidence of domestic assaults in Pennsylvania leading to death increased 22 percent in 2009. The State Police also report that the number of domestic violence-related deaths in Pennsylvania was 180 in 2009, up from 147 in 2008 and 121 in 2007.
Several recent cases describe shootings where individuals are left dead or dumped in a recycling bin after a beating. The fact that authorities are citing this escalation may cause residents to fear that there will be a push to arrest people for assault or domestic violence, even when an arrest may not be proper or warranted.
Penalties for domestic violence
People who are convicted of crimes involving domestic violence face serious penalties. A person's sentence can depend on a number of factors, including the severity of the battering and whether the person has been convicted of other crimes in the past. Possible sentences can range anywhere from being assigned to take an anger management course and attend counseling, to fines and jail time.
In addition, having a criminal record can makes it difficult for convicted individuals to find a job or lease an apartment after they have been released from jail. Child visitation rights may also be limited or restricted based on a criminal conviction for domestic violence or assault.
These repercussions are serious, and no individual should have to face this type of situation alone. If you are being accused of domestic violence, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in the state of Pennsylvania.
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