Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wichita, KS: Man killed after police chase in Wichita

Last Update: 3:59 pm

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WICHITA, Kansas (KSN) -- A 24-year-old man is dead after a police chase in South Wichita ended with a head-on crash.
"The officers were in pursuit of this guy," said Lt. E.J. Bastian. "They were traveling down here on 47th when this gentleman swerved into the path of the white car with two other victims in it and they hit head on."

A woman in her 40s and her teenage daughter were in the white S.U.V. Both were transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.

The 24-year-old driver of the truck was pronounced dead on the scene.

Police believe the driver may have been going as fast as 80 miles per hour when he swerved into the west bound lane of 47th Street near Meridian.

People in the neighborhood say the impact of the crash was so horrific it could be heard from several blocks away.

"It was terrible," said Brian Jacobs. "So, we knew it was bad."

Police were called to a home on Waco in the morning to respond to a report of domestic violence. When they arrived at the home, their 24-year-old suspect had already fled.

He was spotted around noon near 47th Street and Broadway. When officers tried to pull him over, they say he took off. A short chase ensued.

"I'm guessing the pursuit was, time wise, less than a minute and maybe a mile," said Lt. Bastian.

Police say dangerous speeds forced them to call off the chase shortly before the fatal crash.

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