Saturday, April 18, 2009

Garden Hose, Duct Tape: Instruments of Death

Updated 11:20 AM EDT, Sat, Apr 18, 2009

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Surveillance video showed a man buying some seemingly harmless items-- a garden hose and duct tape. But, this would-be killer bought the items to murder his ex-girlfriend and her daughter, police said.

Authorities identified the man as Paul Hurlock, 39, of Hulmville, Pa.  

“When they were asleep, he had access to the apartment. He went into the apartment and placed the hose into the bedroom where they were sleeping,” district attorney David Zellis said.

Then, Hurlock ran the hose through the apartment and out a second floor window, police said.

The hose was duct taped to her SUV and the motor left running.

Were it not for another man and his girlfriend, who asked not to be identified, Hurlock’s victims might not have survived. The couple had come home at around 3:30a.m. Thursday when they saw deadly hookup.

The victims were inhaling exhaust for about a half hour and were treated at a local hospital and released, according to police. As for Hurlock, who is still on the loose, police already charged him with attempted murder and aggravated assault.

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